Sunny in the city

Living in Brussels, or moving to Brussels soon? As you are probably aware of, the weather in Brussels is not known to be great. Lots of grey, cloudy days can mess with your mood. But, as long-term residents of Brussels can tell you, the sun does shine once in a while and Brussels cannot be more beautiful on days like that! 

When you’re looking for an apartment in Brussels, there’s lots to think about – is it close to public transport, is it a lively neighbourhood, are there any schools nearby? You can find this information by checking out Google Maps. One thing you may not be thinking of is – will my apartment get enough sunlight, so I can enjoy the sunny days in Brussels? However, that information could be important, as sunlight has an impact on your health, your plants, and of course, if you can enjoy an aperitif on your terrace in the evenings.

Sunny in the city provides you with maps, showing where you will get some sunshine throughout the day. If you’re not lucky enough to have a terrace, you might want to go out for a walk – there are lots of green spaces in Brussels! Sunny in the city provides you with the nearest leafy street or park so you can get some fresh air and fill up on vitamin D. 

And while the weather in Brussels may not excite you, you will find beautiful season changes around town – blooming trees in spring, and bright fall colours. To find out where you can enjoy these fleeting phenomena, have a look at the satellite images on Sunny in the City!


Sunshine in your apartment

When you're looking for an apartment, you might not always know how much sunshine you'll get inside or on your terrace. The images above show if you get sunshine at every hour of the day. 

Nearby green spaces

What if you don't have a terrace, or no sunshine in the morning or the afternoon? Check the map to see where you can find green spaces and green streets in your vicinity, and head out for a walk to get some vitamin D!

Sentinel-2_L1C-timelapse (1).gif

Spring blossoms and fall foliage

Want something beautiful to look at during your walk? For a few weeks a year, you can see blossoming cherry, chestnut and other trees in the streets of Brussels. In fall, the trees in the parks and streets get vibrant fall colours.