How newsletters can get you better customer experience

Just a few weeks ago, I got an email from Mapbox. I downloaded their software a few years ago, and - as all good SaaS companies do - I am now on their mailing list. I'm also on lots of other mailing lists of other companies, as I'm sure you are too. The difference with Mapbox is in how they use their mailing list. 

 Other companies tend to send out boring news items, or policy updates. Mapbox on the other hand reserves their mailing list for informing their users on new features, AND, most importantly for me as a user, they tell you what you can do with those new features. In short, they send out mini-tutorials to create really specific things.

Here's what they say:

     " Create a heatmap to visualize your data. You can replace the heatmap colors with your own to make this example complement your style. "

And then they link to the code example.

Here's what they don't say:

     "Mapbox has released new features. These new features include a heatmap function. Click here for more information on Mapbox' features."

 See the difference? The first one talks about the user, the second example talks about the company. 

 They also ditch all the redundant text in the email. I count about 8 sentences in the entire email, to introduce 3 tutorials. 


So what can you, as a SaaS company, learn from Mapbox?

  •  tell your users what they can do with the software

  • don't talk about features

  • ditch any redundant text

  • consistently inform your users. Don't expect them to figure out new features by themselves, or that they visit your website all the time. 


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PS: I'm in no way affiliated with Mapbox. Just digging the emails. Check them out at 
PPS: Do you want to make some changes in how your company retains and informs your users? I'm consulting on customer success for SaaS companies. Write me a note if you want to chat about how customer success can work for you!

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